Lose 7 lbs. in 7 Days, Day 3

So, how are you feeling now that a lot of the “crap” has been eliminated from your daily regiman & perhaps as well from your system??? Forgive the graphics, but it is the day and age I suppose! I personally can say, that just taking these simple steps so far has me feeling incredible & also 2 lbs. are gone! Onward then we march to our skinny selves & to the next step…

Step 3. This step is of course the doozy, the one that some people (not you of course!) tend to avoid like the plague… this is called the Discipline of Exercise! Yes, in order to assist your “being” into that little black dress, exercise is required. At least a 30-45 minute daily brisk walk, with stairs &/or hills preferably & don’t forget the 3 lb. hand weights. The heart rate must go up. If the thought of exercising, even a walk, has you shaking your head in a “I was all into it until now & won’t do that” sort of way, then may I suggest the following technique?

Technique de Rigueur: turn anything & everything that you don’t want, don’t like, that you fear & perhaps even dread… into a positive. It is very simple. Exercise becomes “hot body time”, eating right is termed “my healthy intestines are happy time”, eliminating alcohol is called “I love sparkling water with a slice of lemon time”, get the picture? Remember the scene in Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith, when he was homeless & had to sleep with his son in the subway bathroom?… he created the prehistoric dinosaur world in order to chase away fear & give himself & his son a positive picture. Same thing goes here! Affirm the thing you WANT not the thing you don’t want! Start saying that you love to exercise, eat right and feel healthy & keep that “compelling reason why” in front of you at all times!

Another tip, you should be drinking lots of H2O in your journey of losing 7 lbs. in 7 days. I recommend drinking 6 bottles (the small size) of FIJI water a day. FIJI H2O has the best Ph & Alkaline balance of all the bottled waters. I know, you thought all bottled waters were created equal, but not true. You may pay a bit more out of pocket, but we do know that you are worth it, right?

Well, stay tuned for Day 4, and the secret key ingredient that is coming up…!


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